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Notice of BAPG events will be advertised on this site and the All Party Whip.  We will also e-mail members.

For more information on any of the events advertised below please contact the BAPG Programme Manager, Hannah Mitchell.

'What will a Biden Presidency mean for the UK and the World?' Special online session with the British Ambassador to the USA, Dame Karen Pierce

The occupant of the White House determines much more than just what happens in the United States. In a special session for the British-American Parliamentary Group, the British Ambassador to the USA, Dame Karen Pierce, will discuss with Tom Tugendhat, Chair of the Select Committee on Foreign Affairs, what a Biden Presidency will mean for the UK and the world.

All BAPG members are invited to attend this on-line event, which will be held via Microsoft Teams on :

Wednesday, 9th December at 5.30pm to 6.30pm GMT

Members who wish to attend should please register their interest with Hannah Mitchell at the BAPG, email:, who will provide a Teams link to join the meeting.

Please note this event is a private event for Parliamentarians who are members of the British-American Parliamentary Group and speakers’ remarks are off the record and not for attribution.


2020 Annual Parliamentary / Congressional Conference in the US

It is the turn of the US House of Representatives to host the Annual Parliamentary / Congressional Conference in the US.   The conference was originally planned in July 2020, but we are now looking to defer the meeting to 2021, when circumstances allow.

While in Washington DC, the Parliamentary delegation will also take the opportunity of meetings arranged by the British Embassy, with additional calls on the Hill, members of the Administration, business, trade unions and Think Tanks.


Annual BAPG / US Department of State Co-Sponsored Visit to the US for Parliamentarians to learn about the US political system

Annual US government co-sponsored ‘International Visitor Leadership Programme’ (IVLP) for Parliamentarians with little or no prior experience of the US to gain a greater understanding of the American political system at the federal, state and local levels.  This nine day visit will include a short time with a Member of Congress in his/her district.

The 2020 programme was indefinitely postponed by the US Department of State, due to the Coronavirus health pandemic, but will resume in 2021, circumstances allowing.

Autonomous and Electric Vehicle Thematic Visit to California

The British-American Parliamentary Group plans to send a bi-partisan delegation to California to look at both the regulatory and the innovation aspects of electric and autonomous vehicles.

The delegation will visit Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco. The programme will be arranged by the British Consulate Generals in San Francisco and Los Angeles, in consultation with the British-American Parliamentary Group.

N.B. This visit has been deferred from 2019.  The precise dates of the visit will be confirmed in due course.

Harvard IOP Bipartisan Orientation Programme for New Members of Congress.

BAPG members are traditionally invited to observe Harvard’s biennial bipartisan orientation programme for newly elected Members of Congress, conducted by the Institute of Politics, Kennedy School of Government.  British Parliamentarians are the only foreign legislators invited to attend the programme and have the opportunity to meet and make contacts with 30-50 newly elected Members of Congress.

The 2020 programme will run in early December over three days, but will be held virtually, due to the Coronavirus health pandemic.