Up & Coming Events

Notice of BAPG events will be advertised on this site and the All Party Whip.  We will also e-mail members.

For more information on any of the events advertised below please contact the BAPG Administrator.

2017 Annual BAPG / US Dept of State Co-Sponsored Visit to the US

The BAPG, in conjunction with the American Embassy and the United States Department of State, is to send a bi-partisan group of Parliamentarins to the United States in late July to participate in an International Visitor Leadership Programme (IVLP) .

The prime purpose of the visit is to give members not already familiar with the United States an overview of its federal and state system of government and also includes a short time with a Member of Congress in his/her district.


2017 Annual Parliamentary / Congressional Conference

The British-American Parliamentary Group is currently making arrangements for the 2017 Annual Parliamentary / Congressional Conference which will be held in the UK towards the end of the summer with a delegation from the US Senate, led by the Chair and Vice Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee.  The British and American delegations will discuss UK/US relations, international trade, foreign affairs and defence and security co-operation.