British-American Parliamentary Group


Any Member of the House of Lords or House of Commons is eligible for membership of the Group and shall become a member on setting up a standing order for an Annual Subscription or on paying a Life Subscription.

The Annual Subscription fee is £10.00 (ten pounds), payable upon joining and thereafter on 1 April in each year.  A Bankers Order form can be obtained from the BAPG office giving instructions to the member’s bank to set up a standing order payment to the BAPG.

Any member may opt to pay a Life Subscription of £60 (sixty pounds).   Payment should be by way of a cheque made payable to the ‘British-American Parliamentary Group’

N.B. When members leave either House their subscription becomes forfeit. If the member subsequently returns to either House, a Life Subscription would become re-activated.

Any member ceasing to be a Member of either House of Parliament shall cease to be a member of the Group.

Current Membership Statistics:

Members of the House of Lords 293

Members of the House of Commons 313

Total Membership 606

Sister Member Programme

The British-American Parliamentary Group, in conjunction with the UK Caucus in the House of Representatives, is pleased to introduce a Sister Member Programme which aims to pair a Member of Parliament (from either House) with a Member of Congress, based on similar ideals, committee assignments or districts.

The Sister Member Programme will not only help to provide greater certainty about the future of our transatlantic affiliation but will endow those involved with an unparalleled resource in terms of communication and shared information with Members of Congress working on corresponding affairs.

The programme will help to: facilitate networking opportunities; share information and advice; enable the comparison of committee issues and provide an insight in to the American position on affairs of mutual concern.

The pairing would be informal and once introductions have been made it would be the responsibility of the individual members to manage the relationship.

Those Members interested in being paired with a Member of Congress should please contact the BAPG office for further details.